Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stress Ball

10 Unusually Fun Ways of Using a Stress Ball.

10 Unusually Fun Ways of Using a Stress Ball.

On a bad morning in your corporate job, few things can save the day like the often underestimated stress ball.

You see, those round buckets of energy have many functions besides simply being squeezed.

Back in the old days, I spent very happy times with my little stress ball, so the least I can do is to give it the credit it so richly deserve.

How can you brighten your day with a stress ball?

1. Throw it to an annoying colleague as a way to release your anger without giving him a chance to make a fuss about it: “Come on, it’s a stress ball, I was only kidding!”

2. Throw it very gently to a good looking colleague as a way to connect with her/his Inner Child: “Wanna Play?”

3. Exercise your muscles by squeezing it with unusual strength

4. Using three or four stress ball, you can start training as a Juggler: you never know when you might need an extra income…

5. Organize the office baseball championship using stress balls and empty bottle of waters

6. Time for the World Cup. Soccer with a stress ball is on of those extreme sports which you must experience at least once in a life time, but beware, you will get injured…

7. In need of some mental stimulation? Kick off a creative contest! The title? 10 unusually fun ways of using a stress ball!

8. The good old classic: find a basket and challenge a colleague on who is the best shooter

9. Your stress ball can help you preserving the temperature of tea and coffee. After you had a few sips of your favorite beverage, put the stress ball on top of your cup making sure it does not touch the liquid: now you can enjoy your hot drink for much longer!

10. I am missing number ten: please help! :)


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