Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monitor Internet Usage

Internet Meter

Simple Internet Meter is my new bandwidth monitor. After my program CS Fire Monitor came out years ago I had many requests for added features. Many of those features where not possible to add using the Windows API. Such as seeing what is internet traffic and what is local network traffic. The only way to accomplish this is to look at the packet data. So I made this program using WinPcap and PacketX.dll.

As many of the users know from my other work I am a performance nut. I try to have my programs run fast and clean all the while taking as little out of the system as possible. I put extra effort into Simple Internet Meter to make sure it does its job without affecting the system in anyway. The program will auto clean its used memory any time the memory usage goes above 10 mb. The program is designed to run 24/7.

A great feature I included was the ability for other programs to read the current data from the program. Such as a screen saver. I wrote a screen saver and is included with the program. I included the source code for the screen saver (VB 6) so other programmers can see how to work with Simple Internet Meter. The reason I added this was so other programmers can make their own programs read from it. You may ask besides a screen saver what other program would need this info? Well some new keyboards are coming out with LCD screens and such so one good example is a program to display the stats to that LCD screen. If you have written a program to work with Simple Internet Meter please contact me and let me know, I will be more than happy to post a link as along as the program is safe to use.

Features Of Simple Internet Meter.

There are many features I have included in the program. Many of them by user request. To get a good run through of the features make sure to watch the video linked on this page to see what it can do.
Many screenshots and pictures of the program are located in the help file as well.
Below is a list of just some of the features.

* Monitor Internet Traffic.
* Monitor Local Network Traffic.
* Monitor a range of ports.
* Set and keep track of a Bandwidth Quota, This is a perfect tool for people on a capped limit from their ISP.
* Extra Stats monitor to show how many programs and ports are open using the network connection.
* Keep logs of Daily & Hourly internet and local traffic.
* Auto save any report to a file.
* Easily change the colors to fit your style and taste.
* Set an alarm when your quota is reached.
* Auto reset Quota usage
* Resize the monitors to make then very small and transparent, keeping them out of the way
* Blend to desktop mode makes the monitors blend to your desktop.
* Ghost mode makes the monitors click through.
* System tray icon can be animated to show internet or local traffic.
* Open network connections and Windows firewall settings from the right click menu of the tray icon. (This makes getting to these areas much easier in Vista and Windows 7)
* Repair and view Network Information from the right click menu.
* View Detailed Netstats, showing what ports are being used and by what program.
* And much more. Download

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ramadan Kareem 2009

Ramadan 2009 Muslim holy month of fasting

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ufone Ghanta Package

Ufone Ghanta Offer

Ufone has taken a lead in the Ghanta offer race by offering Super Ghanta package. This one is unique offer as it comes with not only an increase in duration to the Ufone’s traditional ghanta package but also being offered off-net i.e. to any PTCL landlines and Vfone numbers across the country.

The Super Ghanta offer is launched with a very sarcastically funny ad. Before we take a look at that, lets follow the Ghanta offer race.

Ufone has been offering the Ghanta offer @Rs. 5.99/hour from 9am to 5pm with daily subscription charges of Rs. 3.99/day.

Earlier this month, Mobilink Jazz came up with their Ghanta offer @Rs. 3.99/hour from 9am to 5pm with daily subscription charges of Rs. 5.99/day.

An interesting thing to notice here is that Mobilink adopted the Ufone daily charges as their hourly rate and hourly rate as daily charges.

With the start of Ramzan, the Mobilink Jazz Ghanta offer was revised with an increase in time window. Ramzan Ghanta offer comes @Rs. 3.99/hour from 9am to 7pm with daily subscription charges of Rs. 5.99/day.

And now comes the Ufone Super Ghanta offer @Rs. 3.50/hour from 4am to 5pm with daily subscription charges of Rs. 5.99/day.

The Ufone Super Ghanta offer wins over the Mobilink Jazz Ramzan Ghanta offer in not only the hourly rate and time window but like I said earlier extending it to include calls to landlines and Vfone numbers.

The price war between operators have taken a new form. Now they just not announce thier packages but also denounce others. This Ufone Super Ghanta Jadoogar ad says it all.

Friday, August 21, 2009



With this book as your guide, you can progress from basic database design to the more advanced techniques of database communication in just one weekend. When your weekend begins on Friday evening, you'll start with the basics of SQL as you set up a sample database. On Saturday, practice database communication as you cover queries, the SELECT command, and relational database creation. Pull it all together on Sunday with optimization techniques and security triggers. End the weekend with a practical look at how programmers use SQL to make their jobs easier and how popular programming languages can access your database.
Book Info
Outlines the steps readers need to take in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of SQL in just one weekend. Explores the use of SQL with Visual Basic/Visual, Office, Visual C++/ Visual, ASP/, and PowerBuilder. Softcover.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

English Grammar

English Grammar
Understanding and Using English Grammar Teacher's GuideTeacher's Guides are practical aids for teachers using the Azar textbooks. They contain teaching suggestions, expansion activities, exercise answers and background notes on grammar and usage.


Monday, August 17, 2009

JAVA Fourth Edition

Take JAVA to the max with expert help Beginning, intermediate, and advanced JAVA programmers alike take note: everything you need to get the best performance out of your applets and servlets is packed into JAVA 2.0: The Complete Reference. World- renowned authors, Patrick Naughton (ESPN's Sportszone, Disney, and ABC News Web sites), Herb Schildt, the world's leading programming author, and Joseph OAENeil add 30% more material to their hugely successful past editions of this best seller. They show you exactly how to develop, compile, debug, and run Java applications and applets quickly and confidently. Plus you'll become expert on all of Java's new features including: *Servlets used to build powerful, scalable, robust Web applications *The Swing component set, a GUI toolkit that simplifies the development of visual components such as menus, tool bars, dialogs *Utility class updates *Java2-D, which enables you to build advanced 2D graphics and images.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Incident Security Monitoring Incident Detection on Enterprise Networks

Security Monitoring : Proven Methods for Incident Detection on Enterprise Networks.

How well does your enterprise stand up against today's sophisticated security threats? With this book, security experts from Cisco Systems demonstrate how you can detect damaging security incidents on your global network -first by discovering which assets you need to monitor closely, then by helping you develop targeted strategies and pragmatic techniques to identify security incidents.

Security Monitoring offers six steps to improve network monitoring, based on the authors' years of experience conducting incident response to keep Cisco's global network secure. These steps will guide you through the following:
    Develop Policies: define the rules, regulations, and criteria against which to monitor
    Know Your Network: build knowledge of your infrastructure with network telemetry
    Select Your Targets: define the subset of infrastructure where you'll focus monitoring
    Choose Event Sources: identify the event types needed to discover policy violations
    Feed and Tune: collect data and generate alerts, tuning systems using context
    Maintain Dependable Event Sources: prevent critical gaps in your event collection and monitoring

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Secret Code of Success

Secret Code of Success
7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness

Americans spend more than $11 billion a year on self-help products—everything from books to diet pills to career coaches to seminars. So why—with all this time, money, and energy being spent—are so few people living the life they really want? Why are millions of smart, talented, motivated people still going through life with one foot on the brake? Here's the real Secret: You don't need any more how-to-succeed information to reach your full potential. The problem isn't lack of motivation or lack of information. The real problem is that most people focus on the "how-to" aspects of success taught by traditional self-help programs, without coming to terms with what productivity expert Noah St. John calls your "head trash"—the subconscious, emotional roadblocks that prevent people from acting on their real hopes, dreams, and ambitions. In this groundbreaking book, based on work with thousands of clients around the world, Noah St. John has created a remarkable, step-by-step approach that helps you achieve long-term happiness, success, and wealth. In The Secret Code of Success, you will learn how to: Eliminate the causes of self-sabotage and fear of success Allow yourself to make more money Remove stress while dramatically increasing personal productivity Improve relationships with coworkers, family, and friends Experience enhanced feelings of happiness, connection, and love The Secret Code of Successshows that, when it comes to success, the conscious mind is exactly the wrong place to start. It's only when we first conquer the self-sabotage of our subconscious (which accounts for 90 percent of our behavior) that we can truly begin to enjoy a life filled with success. This insight is at the core of The Secret Code of Success and leads to Noah's revolutionary 7-step method for eliminating these psychological obstacles. True financial freedom and personal success is possible at last! The Secret Code of Success shows you how to get your foot off the brake and start living the life you deserve.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Internet Manager Internet

The 10 Second Internet Manager by Mark Breier
Remember the old joke "Instant gratification isn't fast enough"? That was something like the reaction Mark Breier had when he picked up a copy of The One Minute Manager, a book he'd once found profound. Now Breier, formerly CEO of and marketing vice president at, found that he was annoyed by the book's leisurely pace. So he sat down to write the Y2K version of one-minute managing, which essentially shows modern executives how to do the job in one-sixth the time.

Breier tells two stories in Internet Manager. First is how he became one after a career in the very-slow-moving world of food marketing, where he was considered lightning-quick for developing new marshmallow packaging in just six months. His year at showed him anything was possible if you worked hard and fast enough. And at, which as CEO, Breier helped to take public, he put together everything he learned to run a company. The second story is how anyone can more efficiently manage themselves and their employees. Some of the advice on financing toward the end of the book is strictly high-level stuff, but in between there's a lot of information that every busy employee can use........


Monday, August 3, 2009

Accounting Cost Accounting

This book provides the most practical, real-world presentation of cost accounting on the market by blending a traditional and proven method of teaching Cost Accounting with the integration of innovative topics. A flexible organization and clear presentation allows the user to clearly understand difficult topics. The revised organizational structure streamlines chapter materials as well as reduces redundancy between cost accounting and other business courses.

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