Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gaming Lounge Free to PTCL Broadband users

Gaming Lounge Highlights

PTCL is on a roll when it comes to broadband growth. Over the last year it has added many new cities and expanded its DSL subscriber base. Gaming Lounge is a new value added service launched today, exclusively offered by Buzz portal to its broadband customers. It is well known that young people like to play online games, especially peer-to-peer games. With the high number of youth in Pakistan, this is a smart business move and a proven strategy to make services more sticky. Broadband providers in US have found success with similar approach of targeting young people to get broadband into more households.

Gaming Lounge Highlights

Over 125 Online games of different genres
Online Peer-to-peer gaming
Free to PTCL Broadband users
Accessible here through PTCL gaming site

Peer-to-Peer: Enjoy playing games online with friends and rivals alike to battle it out in terms of skill and strategy
Multi-Genre Games: Games of all kinds of genre available for online multiplayer gaming. Strategy, action, adventure, puzzles, etc.
Choose from over 125 games from different genres including popular multiplayer games such as MOHAA, Counterstrike, Call of Duty, etc.


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