Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Auditor Active Directory & Network Devices

Auditor Active Directory & Network Devices

SafeGuard PortAuditor—a companion product to SafeGuard Enterprise Configuration Protection and SafeGuard PortProtector—provides organizations with the visibility necessary to identify and effectively manage endpoint vulnerabilities. Its lightweight, intuitive, clientless software gives administrators the ability to discover who's connecting what devices to each and every corporate PC.

With no endpoint client installation required, SafeGuard PortAuditor scans all organizational network endpoints quickly and transparently, locating and documenting all devices that are or have been locally connected. With SafeGuard PortAuditor you can capture critical data on the use of USB, Firewire, Wi-Fi and PCMCIA ports in your organization as well as identify specific devices connected for each user, both currently and historically.

SafeGuard PortAuditor generates reports that are viewable in HTML format or as an XML table. These reports are easily exported to Excel or other applications for additional analysis and review. Exported reports identify devices by type, manufacturer, model and serial number, and users according to their Active Directory definitions.

SafeGuard PortAuditor integrates with SafeGuard Enterprise Configuration Protection and SafeGuard PortProtector to allow easy creation of whitelists of approved devices and networks.


* Easy to use - Audit your network in just one step with our easy-to-use interface. Just choose the computers to check and start the audit.
* Comprehensive coverage - Identifies all USB, FireWire, PCMCIA devices and WiFi network connections
* Current and historical audits - Reports all devices currently or previously connected to any endpoint
* Precise device identification - Gathers detailed device information, allowing administrators to map out granular security policies
* Intuitive results - Audit reports are presented immediately in HTML or XML and export easily to Microsoft Excel



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