Thursday, March 19, 2009

SEO How Content Can Improve Traffic

How Content Can Improve Traffic

Here's what search engines know about your sites content:

  • How many pages you have
  • When you last updated your site
  • How often you update your site
  • The uniqueness of your content

These factors are all important when determining the quality of a site. It's really very simple. A site that delivers fresh, quality content on a regular basis is going to be of more value to it's visitors than one that doesn't. Search engines try to index as much content as possible, so the more pages you have in their index, the better your chances are of receiving additional traffic.

Content Donts

  1. Don't use duplicate content to try trick the search engines, you will get caught
  2. Don't "scrape" content off other sites to use on your own, you will get caught
  3. Don't use content that has been automatically generated by software, you will get caught
  4. Don't use hidden text on your page to increase your keywords, you will get caught

Adding quality content for your visitors will also result in more sites linking to yours. These links are great as they are "natural" links. This basically means that you have not paid for these links but earned them.

Ideas For Adding Content:

  • Write your own content
  • Add RSS feeds to your site
  • Add product, service or book reviews
  • Discuss/Review the latest news in your industry


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