Thursday, March 19, 2009

SEO How To Increase Your Backlinks

How To Increase Your Back links

Getting backlinks to your site is not as hard as you may think. A common misconception is that ranking in the top 10 is free. This may be true for uncompetitive terms but certainly not for bigger terms. You will need to spend some money on directory listings etc. This is all minimal when considering the return you will get if you have done your homework correctly.

Step 1: Web Directories

Get your site listed in as many web directories as possible. Web directories are stable link partners as you typically pay them a one time fee to list your site. Getting listed in web dirtectories is also going to increase your PR score. This is important as it makes doing link exchanges with other webmasters a lot easier. Some webmasters will only exchange links with sites that have a PR4 or more score. You can explain all you want that PR is not the only criteria they should be looking at, but this often falls on deaf ears.

I have included a Web Directory Booster List to get you started. They all differ in price and PR so set a monthly directory budget, and then get your site listed. Here is a summary of the advantages:

  1. Increase your sites PR score
  2. Get quality long term listings
  3. Listing are in relevant categories to your site
  4. Listings include descriptive surrounding text
  5. Directories deliver additional traffic

Remember when getting links to your site to try include the correct anchor text (link text). For example if you have a site about dogs and you wish to rank in the search engines for the term "dog breeding", your link should include "dog breeding". ie. Ricky Bobby's Dog Breeding

I have listed several more factors below that you should consider when building links. For more ideas on link building I recommend reading Aaron Walls SEO Book. I could spend hours writing about this topic and would only match what he has already written, no need to reinvent the wheel :-)

  • Trade links with sites related to yours
  • Creat quality content that webmasters in your niche would be interested in linking to
  • Offer valuable free advice or services that would in turn generate links
  • Include a link to your site in your signature on any blogs or forums you participate in
  • Issue press releases with links to your site (search Google for "press release service")
  • Try to get links to your sites inner pages

For more information on building links visit Aaron Walls SEO Book


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